Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Signed, Sealed & Delivered - January 13, 2019

Watch: Signed, Sealed and Delivered There is a work in our lives that only God can do. Surrendering our lives to Jesus means that we give the Holy Spirit access into our lives to transform us into His image and to give us His character. It takes a willingness on our part to follow His … [Read more…]

Honor by Submission

Honor By Submission

  Watch: Every “Test” or Trial on our part needs to be met by our submission to God’s Word. If we don’t counter life with the word of God, wee will be off balance. We will come up with conclusion to problems that are misleading/False Daniel went through 3 years of testing and a final exam … [Read more…]

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told

  Watch: Illustration: Phrase “Truth Be Told” When you are in a discussion and you really want to drive your point home you use this phrase; Truth be told. It stops any further discussion because you just told the truth about whatever you were discussing. Once you pull out the “truth card” the argument is … [Read more…]

By the Spirit of God

By the Spirit of God

By the Spirit of God Matthew 9:35-38 Workers for the Harvest   There is a need. There is a plan. We are the builders.   Jesus had a great ministry, of course. He met their needs. He told them the plan. He build the Kingdom.   The Compassion of Jesus 35 Then Jesus went about all … [Read more…]

Be the Solution

  July 10, 2016 – Pastor Matt James – “Be the Solution” Be the Solution   Text: Matthew 7:1-6 Topic: Don’t Judge Others   My snake cube is a level 4 puzzle. I unraveled the puzzle and now I cant get it back together. I had to look online to find the solution to … [Read more…]

Why do we trust “worry” instead of God?

Why do we trust "worry" instead of God

  July 3, 2016 – Pastor Sam Baeder – “Why do we trust worry instead of God?”   Scripture is Matthew 6:25-34 NIV Worrying subtracts, not adds! (Matthew 6:27) Where is our faith, and why is it so little? (Matthew 6:30) God knows what we need. (Matthew 6:32) Be concerned about today, but don’t worry … [Read more…]

The Master of Liberty

  June 26, 2016 – Pastor Matt James – “The Master of Liberty”   The Master of Liberty Text: Matthew 6:19-24 The Gospel is good news about deliverance from our sinful nature and all it’s burdens. (Eternal Life and the Truth) Jesus is the great counselor that brings clarity to our lives. Treasures in … [Read more…]