Honor by Submission

 Honor By Submission


  • Every “Test” or Trial on our part needs to be met by our submission to God’s Word.
  • If we don’t counter life with the word of God, wee will be off balance.
  • We will come up with conclusion to problems that are misleading/False

Daniel went through 3 years of testing and a final exam and it showed that he submitted to the authorityover his life and learned all the wisdom of Babylon.

Daniel 1:18-20

If Daniel had not submited then he would not have had the correct answers

God was helping him!

God did not take Daniel out of the situation – he still went through 3 years of lessons/training/submission and final exam.

Since Daniel did not rebel against the King NOR forget God – God was please to help.

Something a little more: God was up to something!
Have you been in a situation where you felt supernatural help?

Submitting to authority is not always easy.

Who do you submit to when God is telling you to do one thing but those in authority over you are telling you to do another?

Paul says to submit to your authorities.
– Romans 13:1-7 – Submit to authorities
– 1 Corinthians 16:15-16 – Submit to spiritual servants
– Ephesians 5:21 – Submit to everyone

As long as it is not evil thing – submit

Submission to God

False submission  – pray for 10 minutes and don’t get an answer so we “submit” to a false precept. God said no.

True submission is based on the word of God and is confirmed by the Holy Spirit
– When did Jesus tell us to stop praying?
– Rather he said Don’t cease and believe!

Luke 18:1-8 – Widow and the Judge


Matthew 7:7-12 – With God and each other.


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