God’s Gospel Team

God's Gospel Team

December 13, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “God’s Gospel Team”


Text: Romans 16:25-27

God is constantly assembling a good team to proclaim His Good News! Keep our eyes on Him!

Illustration: Vince Lombardi

  • Vince Lombardi was arguably the greatest NFL coach of all time.
  • Five NFL Championships including Super Bowl I & II (67 & 68) with Green Bay Packers.
  • In Vince’s world it was still popular to win a game. He made the observation that, “If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?”
  • He had many great says about determination, commitment, success, sacrifice, discipline, teamwork, leadership, etc.
  • He had a great passion for the game and for the team.

Paul calls attention to all those who are on God’s team.

Our confidence in God allows us to do great works for God.

God establishes His people.

  • How many times has God told His people to have peace because He is with us? Abraham, Moses, Joshua, King David …
  • “When we place our dependence in God, we are unencumbered, and we have no worry. In fact, we may even be reckless, insofar as our part in the production is concerned. This confidence, this sureness of action, is both contagious and an aid to the perfect action. The rest is in the hands of God – and this is the same God, gentlemen, who has won all His battles up to now.” – Vince Lombardi
  • The thing that God wants most from us is to trust Him.
  • Trust – belief that God is reliable, good, honest, effective…etc. Trust worthy.
  • Psalms 100:1-5 God is good.
  • The Gospel established the children of God.

The Gospel leaves no room for doubt!

  • The only proper response we can have to God’s Gospel is to live for Him.
  • 53:4-6 and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” Jesus is the Lamb of God spoken of through the sacrifices in the Law.
  • 16:6-10 / 20-22 our sins are taken from us forever.
  • Looking back at all that God has done, written or spoken over all mankind how can we not believe Him now?

What is your testimony about God because of our Savior?

  • Psalms 119:175 “Let me live that I may praise You!” God has let me live when I should be dead in my sins!
  • I don’t have to worry or fear or doubt God now or the future He has for me!
  • Our job is to trust in Him! We have one job: to believe that He is who He says He is!
  • Let’s do it well! Don’t be afraid to live for God.

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