Alive To Thrive

Alive to Thrive

We need someone outside of ourselves to change us into something other than ourselves.

November 1, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Alive To Thrive”


I heard about a Modern Art Exhibit where one entry was made of junk and during the night the janitor came in and cleaned it up thinking it was just trash.

  • There are artists who have done some interesting things with trash. They pile it up in such a way that when they shine a light on it a shadow is cast on the wall of people or things.
  • Anyone can make a mess pile it up and call it art but what is amazing is someone who can take a mess and transform it into art.
  • We have all made a mess of things at some point in our lives and we know that it can be difficult or even impossible to fix.
  • God is an artist as well. Look at creation and tell me God is not an artist. God doesn’t create junk but He can definitely work with a mess.

Paul has been making an argument to the Roman Church and for us today to let God into our lives.

  • We have been bound to a sinful nature that identifies with the world and it has caused a lot of grief in our lives.
  • In this portion of scripture Paul urges us to let God work in our lives by offering ourselves to Him and have access to all our junk.
  • We need someone outside of ourselves to transform us into something other than ourselves.

Read Romans 12:1-8

In view of all the merciful things that God has just lavished on us Paul sets us on a life changing course of thinking that will change our lives forever and ensure the full measure of mercy and grace from God that we can possible receive!

We must meditate on the mercy God has given to us!

Main Point 1: God’s mercy deserves our complete surrender!

  • God gave His Son to give us eternal life – He did not give 10%. A living sacrifice is a 100% sacrifice!
  • A living sacrifice is a daily sacrifice to God because in it we live! Matthew 10:39b … “and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it”
  • What does a living sacrifice look like? It’s a bloody mess because our flesh doesn’t want to die! What are your Priorities!?
  • But it’s acceptable! Because it give God something to work with!
  • Our surrender is worship to Him because it’s all we have to give!

Main Point 2: God’s acts of mercy deserve our full attention!

  • God did not give us eternal life to keep us in the dark about what is good.
  • A person living in darkness will never be able to formulate a good solution to a bad situation.
  • With God’s Word dwelling in us we have the answers to all situations! Colossians 3:16-17
  • If we yield our minds to God’s Word it allows God to speak through us and to us.
  • God can take our messed up lives and apply HIS wisdom to all situations! READ PROVERBS!
  • If we look at our lives from our perspective they don’t look like much but when you let the Light of God shine on your life and look at it all from His perspective you see a whole new creation!

Main Point 3: God’s mercy for us deserves our mercy for others!

  • We were never meant to be alone – Adam and Eve…
  • We belong to each other! Let people do their ability as part of the body!
  • Jesus left and GAVE us the HOLY SPIRIT FOREVER!
  • If we have contentment for one another it gives us a clear view of God’s workmanship and His purpose!
  • 1 Peter 2:4-5 says that we are a spiritual house to make offerings to God!

Closing Point: God’s mercy over our lives gives His grace to work through our lives!

  • Paul says repeatedly that it is by God’s grace that he is able to minister God’s Word of mercy to us!
  • If we surrender our lives because of God’s mercy we will make room for His grace to work in our lives.
  • It was mercy for us that Jesus sacrificed His life for ours.
  • It’s by His grace that we can sacrifice our lives for Him.

Prayer: Please, help us to see all the ways You continually have mercy over our lives!

  • Help us to worship You by surrendering our hearts and minds to You eternally.
  • Help us to love one another as You have loved us!

Help us to reason and think and have wisdom and become people who know Your will and follow Your ways.

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