Chosen For Nobility

Chosen for Nobility

September 20, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Chosen For Nobility”


Text: Romans 9:14-29

Theme: Paul is proving that God is just to bring people to salvation through faith in Christ rather than works or without judgment all together.

  1. God is not unjust to hold us accountable to our choices in life.
  • Pharaoh was given every chance in life to surrender to God but chose other gods to serve.
  • From what is created to wisdom to morals to life experiences to science and more God gives us no excuses to reject His will.
  • Exodus 32:4 God rejected Israel because of unbelief.
  1. There is no circumstance that we find ourselves in where God is unjust.
  • Missionary Pilot quote: The only thing that we can control in life is our attitude.
  • Just because we like to sin does not mean we have no other choice.
  • Mt 25:41 God did not crate us for destruction; He created us for glory but the world refuses it.
  1. God’s greatest desire is that the world would find His mercy in Jesus.
  • Exercising His wrath on mankind is not His purpose for mankind if it were would He have sent Jesus to save us?
  • Romans 2:3 God’s kindness is His instrument to lead us to His mercy.
  • Hebrews 4:16 God gives His mercy to those who ask for it.


  • When we finally get tired of living in darkness God is there to lead us into eternal life.

This is where even when we don’t feel like we were created for noble purposes we must see ourselves through the eyes of Christ whom we find our inheritance.

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