Situation Hopeful

Situation Hopeful

August 16, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Situation Hopeful”


Text: Romans 8:1-11

Recap Chapter 7: I am bound to Christ but I still struggle with sin. If God is alive in us then why aren’t we perfect and doing all kinds of amazing things?

Theme: The thing that strikes me most about this portion of Romans is that Paul wants to make it very clear that God is at work in our lives through the Holy Spirit. This combination of God giving us His Spirit and the salvation provided by Christ gives us all we need to find strength and hope as we battle our sinful nature.

  1. The Spirit of God lives inside of us to make our salvation secure.
  • Vs. 1 “No condemnation in Christ” so keep your faith.
  • We are bound to Christ by the Spirit that is at work in us.
  • We walk in the Spirit – put your trust in Christ’s work on the cross.
  1. The Spirit of God can train our minds to think the way He does.
  • If I want to play on a baseball team I need to put my mind to it.
  • If I put my mind on the things of God I learn how to maneuver through every situation I find myself in.
  • I begin to have victory over all the areas of my life because I do what the Spirit does.
  1. The Spirit of God will give us power over our sinful nature.
  • I am weaker than my flesh but the Spirit is stronger than I am so it makes sense to follow His leading. He is our personal trainer.
  • My body is strong to crave sins but my mind set on the things of the Spirit and will bring good from my life.

Conclusion: When we submit to the Spirit at work in our lives we become aware of the life God has planned for us.

  • The devils plan is to distract us from God by the sinful nature.
  • God’s plan is to encourage us to be like Christ in our obedience to Him.
  • The power we receive from God is knowing that our Savior is bound to us and that He is at work in us.

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