Dead No More

Dead No More

August 2, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Dead No More”

Text: Romans 6:1-4 & 11-14

Christ gave Himself over to death so that we could give ourselves over to life.

  1. Our Burial is Intentional. Vs. 1-4
  • We need to recognize our death.
  • We need to take our body to the graveyard.
  • We need to leave it there.
  1. Our Resurrection is Intentional. Vs. 11-14
  • We need to recognize our life in Christ.
  • We need to master our lives.
  • We need to leave it in His Grace!

Closing: Paul began this argument by asking us a question, “Shall we go on sinning?” And what is our answer? Is it time to walk away from the grave site and live what God has purposed for our lives?

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