The Minister

December 6, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “The Minister”     Help Support Living Water

At the Masters Table

At the Master'sTable

November 29, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “At The Master’s Table”   Text: Romans 14:13-18  Thriving on God’s provisions of righteousness, peace and joy. A little bit of our sinful nature can go a long way in destroying unity in the family. God has called us out from the darkness into His Kingdom … [Read more…]

Getting Our Jesus On

Getting Our Jesus On

November 22, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Getting Our Jesus On”   Text: Romans 13:8-14 Christians need to look like Christ.  Illustration: Girl Scout that was dressed as a giant cookie. She was dressed for the occasion. She had the right attitude for success. No one had ever said no to her before. … [Read more…]

Taking Out the Pride

November 15, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Taking Out the Pride”   Text: Romans 13:1-7 Paul has set up a beautiful illustration of the Christian life. We find salvation through faith. We become the body of Christ and so we sacrifice ourselves to God as an act of worship and put our minds … [Read more…]

Acts of Worship

Acts of Worship

November 8, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Acts of Worship”   Text: Romans 12: 9-21 Soldiers don’t just look dangerous they are! Trained for battle, mind and body to over come the enemy. A kid dressed up as a soldier for Halloween but he was not dangerous. As Christians we need to understand … [Read more…]

Alive To Thrive

Alive to Thrive

We need someone outside of ourselves to change us into something other than ourselves. November 1, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Alive To Thrive”   I heard about a Modern Art Exhibit where one entry was made of junk and during the night the janitor came in and cleaned it up thinking it … [Read more…]

The Mystery of God’s Mercy

The Mystery of God's Mercy

October 25, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “The Mystery of God’s Mercy”   Opening: The Doxology in Romans 11:33-36 The ways of the Lord are mysterious! Prayer is the chosen communication that we have with God, and it works. Fasting is some kind of super communication with God, and it works. I give … [Read more…]

A Call to Serve

A Call to Serve

October 11, 2015- Pastor Matt James – “A Call to Serve”   When I gave my life back to the Lord at 21 there was such a great awareness in my heart of God’s love that telling people about Jesus became the priority of my life. Hitchhikers Coworkers People in need Church and youth … [Read more…]

Foundation of Salvation

Foundation of Salvation

September 29, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Foundation of Salvation”   Text: Romans 10:1-13 Theme: Jesus is the foundation of our faith that we build our lives upon. Illustration: Todd is an excellent concrete finisher. He holds his crew to a high standard of workmanship. He wants people to know that his work … [Read more…]

Chosen For Nobility

September 20, 2015 – Pastor Matt James – “Chosen For Nobility”   Text: Romans 9:14-29 Theme: Paul is proving that God is just to bring people to salvation through faith in Christ rather than works or without judgment all together. God is not unjust to hold us accountable to our choices in life. Pharaoh … [Read more…]